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Capture and feed my home surveillance footage safely and securely

The first application that I have deployed in my homelab is the home surveillance capture and feed system. I needed to set up surveillance cameras at home mainly because of my baby daughter. There are so many cameras to buy from the market with everything set up nicely and can even provide live feed through their apps, but I just DON’T trust their security at all! There are so so many hacks, not just for cameras at home, and also cameras at corprations....

June 3, 2022

My tiny yet powerful homelab

This is the start of a long overdue blog series to show you my homelab after the Pi day of 2021. But first, why do I need my homelab? Aside from the fun and excitement of building an entire server cluster on your own, it has a number of benefits: Self-hosting all the applications you need, so that your data is kept private and you can retain full control. Cheap alternative to other paid web services of cloud providers....

June 1, 2022

Happy Pi Day 2021

Happy Pi Day 2021! Today I am celebrating by officially announcing my blog is now hosted on my Kubernetes cluster running on a Raspberry Pi cluster with 4 Model B Raspberry Pi 4’s, with a fresh new (dark) 😁 look courtesy of PaperMod! If you are reading this blog post, it means my RPi cluster is happily humming along! This cluster is inspired by the awesome work from Jeff. I will be posting more about how I built the cluster, configured Kubernetes and hosted various services on it, including my own Matrix server....

March 14, 2021

Google Reader,忘不了你


March 15, 2013